Web-mobile system FIDELITA BOUTIQUEfor Boutiques,
Showrooms & Shops

Fidelitas (from Latin - "fidelity") - customer loyalty, scale, a qualitative measure of the degree of customer support for a particular brand, product or services

Demo version (Android)

APP for your clients

Floor 12 Apps provides an effective communication channel to your clients.
FIDELITA Boutique web-mobile application offers more advantages to your business.
Fidelita Boutique consists of two components: a Mobile Application for your clients and the Administrative Panel.

Fidelita Boutique

Advantages of Fidelita Boutique
for your clients:

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Admin part

You can manage the content of the mobile application through the web-adminstrator part.
All customer orders made through the mobile application is displayed on your work computer through any browser. Also, the administrator can add information about new customers to the database and control orders. You can view the demand for goods and place an order for delivery to customers.
You can easily send push messages to any of your customers or remind you about promotions.
Get statistics and decide for optimization.

Fidelita Boutique Admin Panel

Subscription fee

FIDELITA F&B - ready mobile solution for your restaurant or bar. We create YOUR OWN application under YOUR OWN BRAND. Publish your mobile application for FREE. For using the application both a subscription fee and a lifetime purchase are available. The subscription fee includes tech support for the entire period.

Development of mobile applications
on the Android and iOS platform

Each of the platforms for mobile applications has its own target audience. The concept of presence on all platforms that your audience uses is the most promising. The development of mobile applications for iOS and Android will help the development of your business and increase customer loyalty.