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In carrying out our work, we contribute to the development of business. We bring new technologies and the ability to systematize business processes in companies. We take into account the peculiarities of the business sphere, we do not disregard such an important aspect as the design of the application.

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Bring new mobile technologies and solutions to your business. To build an effective promotion system, through mobile applications, allowing the business to grow and develop. Optimize business processes. Attract more new customers with modern technology.
Implement mobile technologies now and increase the efficiency of your business!

Development of mobile applications

Development of
mobile applications

We have a ready-made solution for your business

Adaptive app platform solutions for your business

Improving the level of service for your customers you become much closer to them, more open and positioned to interact. Personalization of the mobile application will allow you to stand out among competitors and be remembered for users. Optimization of business processes will increase the productivity and efficiency of the use of working time and labor resources.

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Development of innovative

FLOOR 12 APPS company

We are an innovative international company with offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic and Spain. We are experts in the development of mobile solutions with client-server architecture. Starting with the idea, based on the analysis, we offer finished products in the IT field. We create highly competitive products in the field of new technologies and react to innovations so that your business is even more effective. We know how to develop a mobile application, so that it is valuable to your customers.

Our values:

One of the important tasks of mobile applications
is the automation of business processes

The mobile app will help you:

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How we are working

For clarity, we have shown the main process of creating a mobile
application. Together with you, we will quickly approach the goal of publishing your finished
apps on Google Play and the App Store

Drafting the technical assignment
As a rule, at this stage, acquaintance, drafting of the technical assignment, agreement and conclusion of the contract takes place. Here we form and fix all the tasks ahead.
Design / Interfaces
At this stage we create attractive and convenient design, application structure, all interfaces and all this with a pleasant animation of the page / screen transitions…

Perhaps the most important process of creating a mobile application - here all the details are collected together. We program the logic of the entire application, connect the server and database, through tests are conducted.

an application
Everything is ready to publish the application in GooglePlay and AppStore. We can congratulate you with you - we went through all the stages and are ready for the most interesting! We draw up your application with icons and description, and publish it.

of mobile applications on the platform of Android and iOS

A modern consumer is someone who keeps in touch all the time. Thanks to this, companies have the opportunity to stay in touch with the client around the clock - you just need to order the application for Android and iOS. Each of the platforms for mobile applications has its own target audience. The concept of presence on all platforms that your audience uses is the most promising. Developing mobile applications for Android and iOS will help your business grow and increase customer loyalty.

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development of applications for any platform


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