Data Privacy Policy (hereinafter -Policy) acts with respect to all information that Limited Liability Company "Floor 12 Apps" (hereinafter referred to as " Floor 12 Apps ") may receive information about the User while using any of the Annexes "Floor 12 Apps".

This Privacy Policy applies only to Applications. It does not apply to any other products and does not apply to third party websites from which links to Applications may be made.

1. Basic concepts
1.1. Application - the application to which belongs «Floor 12 Apps». The application is a program developed for mobile devices running the Android operating system, including tablet devices. The application download path is via Google Play. Passage of the procedure of activation / download of the Application and its further use is the confirmation of the User's consent with all the conditions specified in this Policy.
1.2. User - any person using the Application in accordance with its functional purpose.

2. General Provisions
2.1. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure proper protection of information about Users, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
2.2. Relationships related to the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information about Users are governed by this Policy and the current legislation of Ukraine.
2.3. By uploading and / or using the Applications, the User expresses his consent to the terms of this Policy, which is acknowledged by the User and "Floor 12 Apps" in written consent of the User to the processing of personal information.
2.4. If the User disagrees with the terms of this Policy, the use of the Application must be terminated immediately, the Application must be deleted by the user from the memory of his device.
2.5. The current version of the Policy, which is a public document, is compiled by "Floor 12 Apps" and is available to any Internet user when clicking on the hypertext link "Privacy Policy". Recognizing the international nature of the Internet, the User assumes all responsibility for compliance with all local rules and laws that relate to the User's actions on the network.
2.6. "Floor 12 Apps" has the right to unilaterally change the currently existing Privacy Policy without asking the User for consent. When changes are made to the Policy, "Floor 12 Apps" notifies the Users about this by posting a new version of the Policy on the site, the changes take effect from the date of posting the new version of the Policy on the site, unless the changed Policy imply a different placement option. Continuation of the use of the Application after making changes and / or additions means the User's consent with such changes and / or additions, in connection with which the User undertakes to regularly monitor the changes specified in this Policy.
2.7. Personal Information of the User - any information and information related to a person, directly or indirectly, determined or determined by the person (the personal data subject) that the User provides about himself on registration (creating an account) or in the process of using Google Applications and Services. This information may include a name, email address and other information that may be regarded as personal, in particular information from your Google account. This will allow us to more effectively manage our relations, improve our Application, functionality and services offered to you.
2.8. "Floor 12 Apps" can also process other information about Users, which includes:
                  - the standard data automatically received by the http server when accessing the Application and subsequent actions of the User (host IP address, the type of the user's operating system, cookie data, information about the web browser, content accessed by the User, as well as data entered by the User (for example, the age range, sex, requisites), etc.).
                  - information obtained as a result of the User's actions when using the Application.
                  - information received as a result of actions of other Users through the Application.
                  - Personal data of Users received through the Application, with the consent of Users and necessary for the use of applications: name, surname, date of birth, profile photo, friends list, etc. data;
                  - information provided by Users when using applications, in particular, nickname.

3. Terms of Use
3.1. Providing services for the use of Applications, "Floor 12 Apps", believes that User:
                  - has all the necessary rights that allow it to launch and use the Applications.
                  - indicates reliable information about yourself in the amounts necessary for the use of the Annexes
                  - realizes that the information posted as a result of the User's use of the Application may become available to other users of the Application, may be copied and distributed by such users;                   - realizes that some types of information transferred to other users when using the Applications can not be deleted by the User;
                  - acquainted with this Policy, expresses its agreement with it and assumes the rights and duties indicated in it.
3.2. "Floor 12 Apps" does not verify the reliability of the information (information) that is collected (collected) about users.
3.3. "Floor 12 Apps" has the right to send to the User any information about the operation of the Application, including sending advertising, information and other messages to the e-mail address or phone number specified by the User, or to post relevant information in the Appendix itself.
3.4. The User agrees not to use the Application with violation of the rights and legitimate interests of "Floor 12 Apps", other rights holders and third parties.
3.5. The User has no right to perform any unauthorized actions by the Application, including, the User is prohibited independently or with the involvement of third parties to decompile the Application, as well as reverse engineer the Applications, hack into the Application's functionality.
3.6. The User is responsible for using the Application in any manner not expressly authorized by this Policy.
3.7. In the event of loss, deletion or damage caused by the User to the Application as a result of the User's actions / inactivity, the User is entirely responsible.

4. Objectives of Information Processing
4.1. "Floor 12 Apps" performs processing of information about Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the obligations of "Floor 12 Apps" to Users in relation to the use of the Application.
4.2. Personal information of the user "Floor 12 Apps" can be used for the following purposes:
4.2.1. Provision of Personalized Applications to the User;
4.2.3. Communication with the User, including the sending of notices, requests and information regarding the use of the Applications, the provision of services, and the processing of requests and applications from the User;
4.2.4. Improving the quality of Applications, the ease of use, the development of new applications and services;
4.2.5. Conducting statistical and other studies based on impersonal data.

5. Processing and collection of user personal data
5.1. Processing of personal data is based on the following principles:
a) the legitimacy of the purposes and methods of processing personal data and good faith; b) the correspondence of the purposes of processing personal data to the purposes predetermined and claimed in the collection of personal data, as well as to the authority of the "Floor 12 Apps",
                   c) the correspondence between the volume and nature of the personal data being processed, the methods of processing personal data for the purposes of processing personal data.
5.2. Personal data of the user are transferred to "Floor 12 Apps" with the consent of the User. The consent of the User to the transfer of his personal "Floor 12 Apps" is provided in the form of conclusive actions at the first loading / activation of the Application by the User in the memory of the Device. The user grants the consent of "Floor 12 Apps" to process his personal data in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data.
5.3. Personal data of Users is not transferred to any third parties, except for the cases directly provided by this Policy. Granting of personal data of users at the request of law enforcement, controlling and authorized state bodies (bodies of local self-government) is carried out in the order provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

6. Restricting the Effect of Policies
6.1. The operation of this Policy does not apply to actions and Internet resources of third parties. "Floor 12 Apps" is not responsible for the actions of third parties who, as a result of using the Application, have access to information about the User, which, by the nature of the Application, is available to any Internet user. "Floor 12 Apps" recommends that users take a responsible approach to resolving the issue of the amount of information about themselves.
6.2. The transmission of personal information when visiting third-party sites, even if the website contains a link to the Applications, is not subject to this Policy.
6.3. "FLOOR 12 APPS" is not responsible for the actions of other websites or applications. The process of collecting and transmitting personal information when visiting these sites is regulated by the documents "Protection of personal information" or similar, located on the websites of these companies

7. Final provisions
7.1. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, or a certain part thereof, refrain from using the "Floor 12 Apps" Applications.
7.2. To this Policy and the relationship between the User and "Floor 12 Apps" arising in connection with the application of the Privacy Policy, the law of Ukraine is applicable.

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